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Loving Live Games on the Radio

Part 4 of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insight Series: Live Radio Reigns for Sports Listeners Catching the event live on the radio is how the majority of sports radio listeners prefer to hear their game. That’s according to new findings released from a survey of NextRadio listeners. About half (47%) of survey respondents said they prefer listening to the game on live... Read more →

A Lucky Listener Will Win $10,000 from NextRadio®

Radio and big money just seem to go together. And NextRadio® is going extreme by giving away $10,000 to one lucky listener! The contest aims to get more people tuning in to their favorite FM radio stations – your local stations – wherever they go, right on their phones. Entering is as simple as downloading the NextRadio app from the Google Play Store.... Read more →

Promoting Delivers Results

If we create a buzz around NextRadio, they download! 3.1M and growing! It can be as simple as just getting the word out about how cool the app is, as well as, the essential need for FM radio within the smartphone. Lately, we hope that everyone would agree NextRadio is top of mind for those not only in the industry... Read more →

2015 NAB Show Preview + Chat with Jeff

It’s that time again! We’re packing up our giant phone and heading to Vegas with lots to show you. Will you be there? What can you expect to see from us this year? Will you spot a mohawk? All of your important questions will be answered April 11th in NextRadio Booth C8049. More details below. Leading up to the show... Read more →

Audiences Engaged

Oh, Super Bowl… a time when people were thinking about parties, appetizers, maybe a new TV? Or if you were like half the viewing audience, you were in it for the commercials. Big Game advertising meant big bucks; a mere $4 million got you a 30-second spot this year. It had us thinking: Why not update you on the NextRadio... Read more →

A push in the right direction

Every now and then, we can all use a little help from our friends, and on the heels of our big update to the NextRadio app, Sprint delivered us a sizable boost that we’d like to highlight in this post. Momentum continues to grow as word of the app reaches circles outside of our own and people begin to understand... Read more →

A Million and More

At this year’s Dash Conference in Detroit, speakers and panelists asked what the future holds for how drivers consume entertainment, information and advertisements in a connected car, and what will radio look like in that context? Larry Rosin of Edison Research says 67 percent of audio in cars is AM/FM radio. But how quickly will that change? It’s a recurring... Read more →

2014 Radio Show Preview

You may have heard from our recent announcement that as NextRadio enters its second year on the market, the TagStation team is ready to knock your socks off with a major update to the app. We’re encouraging broadcasters and members of the media to join us for a press conference showcasing what’s next for radio listening, viewing, and interactivity. It’s... Read more →

A ReinCARnation

“We used to own the dashboard,” said Paul Jacobs in our Connected Car Webinar on the 16th. “Things have changed.” This was the quote that stuck with me personally while watching Paul Jacobs and Paul Brenner set the stage for the changes already taking place toward connected, interactive dashboards in automobiles. More choices and more personalization have lead to an... Read more →

“Interactivity” Defined.

Providing interactivity, enhancing your content, delivering hybrid radio, giving listeners the full experience… Talking about NextRadio-readiness with broadcasters can sometimes sound like a grab bag of euphemisms, we know. So today we’d like to cut through the language and provide some clarity. What’s involved? How much time does this take? We talk all the time about Free and Full TagStation... Read more →

2014 NAB Show Preview

A year ago, we were getting ready to premier NextRadio at the 2013 NAB Show. We had no commercial product yet, a carrier deal too young to even mention out loud, and only a handful of people on board. What was encouraging then is that the folks who came by our booth and tried the app loved what they saw.... Read more →

2014 Super Goals

Over the holiday season, we spent a lot of time in this forum reflecting. It seemed appropriate and felt good. But as we march into February we thought we’d get on the offensive and talk goal-setting for the upcoming year. We’ve got big plans and players, and that’s our message today. We’ll get into detail below specific to NextRadio and... Read more →

A New Year's Resolution

Happy new year & welcome back. For this post, we’re going out on a limb and making the assumption that if you’re following this blog, you are an active member of the broadcast radio industry and therefore would have a vested interest in the success of the FM radio in smartphones initiative. Fair? Please read on! Since the FAQ post... Read more →

2013 – It’s a Wrap!

  Here it is: our last update of 2013 – a year that saw the introduction of the NextRadio product to the marketplace and witnessed an extraordinary collaboration of industries to make it happen. Though our work is never done, we’ll pause to say “Cheers!” and leave you with this short update before we nestle our heads ever-so-briefly into holiday... Read more →